Bow Repair / Violin Making

I work as a repairman of stringed instrument bows, based in the Ithaca, NY area. I have trained, and continue to work with bowmaker Geo Kloppel, and hope to bring his patience and attention to detail to my own work. Please feel free to contact me about any rehair or repair needs you may have.

-Professional quality white, black, and chestnut hair are all available, as well as custom mixes.

-Thumb leathers and metal windings in various materials

-Tip plate replacement

-Screws, eyelets, buttons, pearl eyes and slides

-Bushings, splines, and other mechanical repairs.

-Shipping is available.

I also work as a violinmaker, and will be happy to discuss any instruments that I may have for sale. Commissions are also possible.  Please see the gallery for examples of my work.

Apprenticeship with luthier Robert Spear (2010-2019)